Succsess - Published and Printed

Performance VW Magazine :

Well a first for me to be published and printed all at the same time. I was asked early last year to cover the "Players Classic show" at Good wood race circuit for Performance VW Magazine (PVW).

I was a little apprehensive as I have only had pictures in the form of a show report printed in the magazine in the past.

After some deliberation I decided to just get on and write the day as I experienced it. I passed it to the deputy editor who on the whole liked what I had written.  A few minor changes here and there and I was told I should issue it to the Editor for his approval.

When you first get to see your work in a magazine which stretches the UK, Europe and a lot of America, its quite humbling.  Now I know that I have achieved this I am hoping there will be more opportunities in the future for me to continue with line of work. 

Unfortunately the printed issue came out just as illness struck my father and I lost him on the 31st of August 2017.

"Dad this piece of work will always be for you and in memory of you Sir" Its just a pity I didn't get to show you it in person.