Now accepting Bitcoin

I have been a fan of this crypto currency for a few years now.

I have seen lots of hype around it and watched as the markets for this  currency have grown.

To that end that's why I have decided that should my clients want to donate Bitcoin for their automotive photo shoots, I am happy to do this.

Each shoot in PBD's will be £50 and what ever the market rate for that is in Bitcoin can be donated for an allotted time frame.

Editing time will also come with an allotted donation for this service.



Succsess - Published and Printed

Performance VW Magazine :

Well a first for me to be published and printed all at the same time. I was asked early last year to cover the "Players Classic show" at Good wood race circuit for Performance VW Magazine (PVW).

I was a little apprehensive as I have only had pictures in the form of a show report printed in the magazine in the past.

After some deliberation I decided to just get on and write the day as I experienced it. I passed it to the deputy editor who on the whole liked what I had written.  A few minor changes here and there and I was told I should issue it to the Editor for his approval.

When you first get to see your work in a magazine which stretches the UK, Europe and a lot of America, its quite humbling.  Now I know that I have achieved this I am hoping there will be more opportunities in the future for me to continue with line of work. 

Unfortunately the printed issue came out just as illness struck my father and I lost him on the 31st of August 2017.

"Dad this piece of work will always be for you and in memory of you Sir" Its just a pity I didn't get to show you it in person.